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MARIE is a free software tool using a component-based approach to build robotics software systems by integrating previously-existing and new software components.

MARIE's initiative is based on the following main requirements :

  • Reuse softwares, APIs, middlewares and frameworks frequently used in robotics (Player, CARMEN, RobotFlow, etc.)
  • Adopt a rapid-prototyping approach to build complete system
  • Allow distributed computing on heterogenous platforms
  • Allow concurrent use of different communication protocols, mechanisms and standards
  • Accelerate user-defined developments with well defined layers, interfaces, frameworks and plugins
  • Support multiple sets of concepts and abstractions

==> See Description section for more details.
==> See Showcase for screenshots and movies of applications using MARIE.
==> See Integrated Softwares for the list of currently integrated softwares

MARIE is an open source project. Your comments and contribution are welcomed!

Why a Wiki ?

Simple : to allow fast and easy communication between users and developers. Feel free to add information, correction, precision and documentation. If it's useful for you, others will surely appreciate your contribution!

Another important goal is to create reference users and developers documentation based on Wiki stable articles.


  • 2008/10/04 : MARIE will participate to IROS 2008 Workshop on Current Software frameworks in Cognitive Robotics integrating different computational paradigms. Check website for more details.

See History for a complete news log.

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